End Seafood Greenwash

Scallop dredging and bottom-trawling are damaging our oceans, around the Scotland and the UK.

Tell these companies* to stop greenwashing seafood that causes environmental harm.

Just fill in your details and we'll send this email so the CEOs of these businesses receive a clear message from consumers.

*Associated Seafoods Ltd, Clearwater, the Co-op, Hilton Seafoods, Lidl, Macduff Shellfish, Marks and Spencer, New England Seafood International, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Waitrose, West Coast Products, Whitby Seafoods and Young’s Seafood. 

  Craig Anderson - CEO of Associated Seafoods
  Steve Murrells - CEO of the Co-op
  Philip Heffer - CEO of Hilton Food Group
  Christian Hartnagel - CEO of Lidl
  George McIntytre - CEO of Macduff Shellfish
  Steve Rowe - CEO of Marks and Spencer
  David Potts - CEO of Morrisons
  Dan Aherne - CEO of New England Seafood International
  Simon Roberts - CEO of Sainsburys
  Ken Murphy - CEO of Tesco
  James Bailey - CEO of Waitrose
  John King - CEO of West Coast Seafood Products Ltd
  Daniel Whittle - CEO of Whitby Seafoods
  Simon Smith - CEO of Youngs Seafood
  Dan Aherne - CEO of New England Seafood International
  Shaun Mitchelitis - VP Clearwater
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